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Duration: Various dates of departure
Location: Jo’burg to Cape Town to Jo’burg
Price: From R4800 pp
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Serving all 4 MSC Musica cruises departing from Cape Town during the 2018 & 2019 season

  • Introduction

    JB Train Tours invites you to travel with us from Gauteng to Cape Town and back to link up with all the MSC Musica boat’s cruises departing from the mother City – traveling by Train, Bus and Aeroplane: A 3-in-1 Tour package taking all the travel hassles out of your hands.

    This is our fourth year in hosting these tour packages and it has been proven to be very popular, affordable, relaxing, convenient and stress free.

    When traveling with us you don’t need to look for safe parking for your car in Cape Town or looking for someone to drop you off at the harbour. Neither do you need to look for accommodation in Cape Town or for transport getting back home after the cruise. We take care of your accommodation, transfers and flight back home.

    In brief, you’ll travel overnight on the Tourist Class Trans Karoo train from Jo’burg to Cape Town, enjoying dinner and breakfast on the train, whilst bedding is provided as well.

    In Cape Town you walk across the street from the station to the hotel for one night’s accommodation before joining the ship the next day – we do the transfer.

    After the boat cruise you are collected at the harbour by the same bus or taxi company before being transferred to Cape Town’s airport, before your flight departs for Jo’burg.

    Please note that the bookings for the boat cruise itself is NOT included in this transportation tour package. You still need to book your cruise at MSC Cruises at www.msccruises.co.za

  • Tour Packages and Prices

    The tour packages are linked to the departure dates of the various cruises. In some cases the train will depart one day prior to the departure date of the cruise (Package #1) and in other cases it will depart two days prior to the departure date of the cruise (Package #2). This is due to the fact that the trains don’t run daily you’ll overnight either one of two nights in a hotel in Cape Town.

    See a matrix of the tour package dates below.

    We have available two tour packages with different options within both.

    Package # 1 – Tour package on the Tourist class train – to all four cruises
    Package # 2 – Tour package on the upmarket Premier Classe train – to only one cruise

    Use the currency converter in the footer of the page to convert to your currency.

    • Package #1 –Tour package on the Tourist class train – to all four cruises
      Stay one night in Cape Town in a hotel

      4-Bed Compartment on Train & 2-Beds/Room in Hotel

      Price per Person

      Persons per Compartment

      Persons per Hotel room
      2 & 1

      2-Bed Coupe on Train & 2-Beds/Room in Hotel

      Price per Person

      Persons per 2-Bed Coupe

      Persons per Hotel room

      Add R850 pp to the above prices for Tour # 1* – for staying two nights in CPT

      No Train Departure Dates and Day Cruise Dates and Days Tour package price from Theme cruises
      1 11 Jan 2019 – Fri 14 – 18 Jan 2019 – Mon – Fri R5650* Love Jazz to Namibia
      2 16 Jan 2019 – Wed 18 – 20 Jan 2019 – Fri – Sun R4800 Cruise to nowhere
      3 17 Jan 2019 – Thurs 20 – 24 Jan 2019 – Sun – Thurs R9400 Namibia
      4 18 Jan 2019 – Fri 20 – 24 Jan 2019 – Sun – Thurs R4800 Namibia
      5 22 Jan 2019 – Tues 24 – 28 Jan 2019 – Thurs – Mon R4400 CPT to DBN – Fly back from Durban to JHB
  • Important Information

    Note: The upmarket Premier Classe train ONLY runs on a Thursday from JHB to CPT.
    Children: Pay the same price on all tours. All ages.
    Included from the tour price: Tourist Class train trip from JHB to CPT, one night’s accommodation & bedding, as well as dinner and breakfast on the train, one night’s accommodation in the hotel, transfer from CPT hotel to harbour and harbour to CPT airport, flight from CPT to JHB, safety and security. Please note that Tour # 5’s flight is from DBN to JHB.
    Excluded from the tour price: Towels on the train, boat cruise, gratuities, drinks & Comprehensive Travel Insurance.
    Deposit: You pay a non-refundable deposit of R2000 per person when you book your place. The outstanding balance on the tour fees is paid by latest 6 weeks before departure date. If not, your place will be cancelled automatically.
    Bookings: Please find attached the FAQ Document with the Booking Form. Please complete it in full (one per person) and send it with your Proof of Payment to us via e-mail to info@jbtours.co.za or fax it to 086 687 7344. You’ll receive a written confirmation from us once your money shows in our bank account.
    Meals: Dinner & breakfast on the train (set menus), as well as breakfast and one dinner at the hotel in CPT are included in the tour package. All other meals are for your own pocket or on the boat.
    Train route: Johannesburg/Potchefstroom/Klerksdorp/Kimberley/De Aar/ Beaufort West/Laingsburg/Worcester/Cape Town
    Departure from JHB station: All passengers to report to the JB Train Tours’ representative at the entrance to Platform 16 (stainless steel turnstile gates) at Johannesburg Park station (Rissik Street, Jo’burg CBD). Every person is pre-allocated to a 4-bed compartment or 2-bed coupe as per your Booking Form. It is NOT a free for all when arriving at the train! You’ll receive your Welcome Letter, train ticket and other relevant information. The name & contact details of the JB Train Tours’ representative will be availed to you prior to departure.
    Hotel accommodation in Cape Town: You’ll stay for one night in the 4-star Fountains Hotel or a hotel of similar standard.
    Transport in Cape Town: This is pre-arranged by either bus or taxi and it is included in your tour package. After the cruise you’ll be collected at the harbour and transferred to the airport. A SMS will keep you informed where to find the bus/taxi. (Please put your cell phone on!) Departure is at 11:00 from the harbour.
    Accommodation on the train: Passengers can either book a 4-bed compartment or 2-bed coupe. (See price options above). There is a limited number of 2-bed coupes available. Please note that trains do NOT have double beds, but do have bunker beds.
    Flight to JHB: You’ll fly Economy Class from CPT to JHB (OR Tambo Airport). Any changes to your ticket would be for your own pocket. Please note that many of the other cruise passengers make use of flights on the same day as us as well. Flight tickets are limited, scarce and more expensive the later you book. Flight times might change at short notice. The reason for departure in the afternoon is to address possible unforeseen logistical challenges (I.e.: Delays) that might occur.
    Closing date: Bookings close per tour once the available spaces on the train are full. Maximum of 40 passengers per trip. Please note that we do NOT have all the beds on the train available for our usage. It is a public train.
    Luggage: Each passenger is allowed to take 20kg of luggage and 7kg of hand luggage. Please mark your luggage well with your name, address and cell phone number on it.
    Passport: Remember to take your valid passport along. You don’t need it on the train, but definitely for the cruise. An ID is NOT sufficient.
    Parking: We suggest you park your car at OR Tambo airport and then take the Gautrain to Johannesburg Park station to join the train. When arriving back at OR Tambo airport after the tour your vehicle will be waiting for you! Alternatively take the Gautrain to JHB Park station to join the tour and again afterwards to travel home.

    We host train tours to various destinations, occasions, sporting events, festivals & happenings all over Southern Africa. Including holidays, sporting events, transfers to ship cruises, company events, etc. We are also agents for the luxurious Blue Train, Premier Classe & ‘Desert Express’ trains, as well as for Shosholoza Meyl.

  • Provisional Programme

    Package #1 – Tour package on the Tourist class train – to all four cruises

    Johannesburg Cape Town First Day @ 12:30 – Platform 16 Second Day @ 15:30 – Platform 24
    Cape Town Johannesburg Last Day @ 15:10 – CPT Airport Last Day @ 17:10 – JHB Airport

    The running times of the train are not guaranteed. Trains often run very late. However, we’ll make sure that you’re on time at the harbour.

    Package #2 – Tour package on the upmarket Premier Classe train – for only one cruise
    Departs Thursday 17th January 2019 @ 10:30 from Jo’burg station. Report @ 09:30.
    Staying two nights in a hotel in Cape Town. All meals and bedding on the train included.

    Provisional Programme

    • Time Description
      11:45 Passengers report to the tour leader at the turnstiles to the entrance of Platform 16
      12:30 Train departs from Jo’burg to Cape Town
      Dinner is served on the train (included in the tour price)
      Overnight on the train (bedding included in the tour price)
    • Time Description
      Breakfast is served on the train (included in the tour price)
      15:30 Train arrives in CPT
      Transfer to hotel
      Check in at hotel
      Dinner at hotel (included in the tour package)
      Overnight in hotel
    • Time Description
      Breakfast is served in the hotel (included in the tour price)
      Check out at hotel
      10:00 Transfer to CPT harbour (included in the tour price)
      Check in at boat (remember your passport)
      16:00 or 18:00 Ship departs from CPT harbour
      Enjoy the cruise
      Breakfast is served on the chip
      Disembark boat & board bus
      11:00 Transfer to CPT airport by bus/taxi (included in the tour price)
      Check in at airport
      15:10 Flight departs for JHB – Mango
      17:10 Flight arrives JHB
      End of tour

    For passengers staying two nights in Cape Town, the in-between day is at leisure and your own program.

    The upmarket Premier Classe train departs at 10:30 on Thursday 17th January 2019. Please report to the Premier Classe lounge at Jo’burg station at 09:30.

  • Methods of Payment

    There are various methods of payment to pay for your tour(s):

    1. Pay by EFT and send the Proof of Payment to JB Train Tours
    2. Pay money into our bank account and send the Proof of Payment to JB Train Tours
    3. Use Snapscan (I.e.: Credit Card)


    Our Banking details are:
    Bank:                                  ABSA
    Branch Code:                    632005
    Account Name:                JB Tours
    Account Number:           405 307 1777
    Account type:                   Cheque or current

    Read about and download SnapScan here

    Scan this QR code with your SnapScan app and enter Your Name & Surname, the Tour number and amount.